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  • Real pieces of dried Cranberries and Cherries for a perfect bite of sweetness

    Cranberry & Cherry Summer Sausage

    This is another true Wisconsin pairing, Cranberries and Cherries come together to mix in a perfect amount of sweetness to our classic summer sausage.  Bite into big pieces of dried berries and enjoy!  Our summer sausage is made with real...

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  • Real Cheddar Cheese and Beer make the perfect pairing

    Beer & Cheese Summer Sausage

    A true Wisconsin pairing of beer and cheddar cheese come together in this specialty summer sausage.  Enjoy the same great quality of our real hardwood smoked summer sausage with a unique twist that is sure to wow your taste buds.  Perfect for...

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  • Quality old fashion summer sausage covered in a black pepper casing

    Cracked Black Pepper Summer Sausage

    Enjoy this unique twist on one of our classic summer sausages.  Our traditional pork and beef summer sausage  generously covered in a cracked black pepper coating to give this old world summer sausage a peppery bite.  Irresistible and...

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  • Busch Thuringer Summer Sausage 3.6lbs

    Busch Thuringer Summer Sausage 3.6lbs

    Busch Thuringer Slicing Summer Sausage (3.6lbs) This classic Busch-brand Thuringer Summer Sausage is perfect for slicing! Does NOT come pre-sliced. Enjoy real hardwood smoke & the classic Busch flavor everyone loves! No MSG - Gluten...

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  • Jim's Blue Ribbon slicing summer sausage is perfect for sandwiches or party platters

    Jim's Blue Ribbon 4lb Slicer Summer Sausage

    Enjoy the famous flavor of Jim's Blue Ribbon Summer sausage in a larger, unsliced size.   This 4 pound slicer summer sausage is perfect for sandwich meat and platters.  You get to slice this beauty to your preferred thickness. There are two...

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  • Beef Summer Sausage Half

    Busch Beef Summer Sausage Slicer 3.6 lb half

    This 100% beef sausage has a wider diameter perfect for slicing. This sausage makes a great addition to any deli tray. This sausage does not come pre-sliced. No MSG Real Hardwood Smoke  Gluten Free Ingredients:  Beef, Salt, Sugar,...

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  • Natural Casing Gottenburg - Old World Flavor

    Gottenburg Sausage .65 lbs Natural Casing

    In natural casings pork, beef, and spices are semi-dried and smoked with real hardwood to produce an enduring original Busch product. 65 lb piece perfect for party platters and events.  Enjoy this classic old world sausage at your next celebration...

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  • Old Fashion Quality Luxemburg Sausage

    Luxemburg Sausage 12 oz.

    An original Busch product. Made with select cuts of beef and pork, fresh spices, onions & peppers. Stuffed into a natural casing & hardwood smoked. This is a top of the line semi-dried sausage. Approximately .75 lbs. per piece. Approved by...

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  • Silver Creek 14oz Turkey Summer Sausage

    Silver Creek 14oz Turkey Summer Sausage

    Looking for a leaner summer sausage? Try the 14 oz turkey summer sausage for a leaner option on your party platter. Same great smokehouse taste, summer sausage tang and savory seasoning. No MSG  - Real hardwood Smoke - Gluten...

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