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Every now and then we have overstock items or orders that get changed last minute leaving us with product that needs to find a new home!  And you save big time!  Product will go on sale for as much as 50% off and will only remain while supplies last.  Items will change frequently so check back often to see what's new.   

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    Our Hukki Summer Sausage, an excellent blend of  Beef, pork, and cold smoke.

    Hukki Summer Sausage

    This a unique twist on one of our classic summer sausages.  A specialty casing lends the Hukki shape - when you slice this summer you will see its shape reflected in a flower pattern that just so happens to perfectly fit on a cracker.  As...

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  • Jim's Blue Ribbon slicing summer sausage is perfect for sandwiches or party platters

    Jim's Blue Ribbon 4lb Slicer Summer Sausage

    Enjoy the famous flavor of Jim's Blue Ribbon Summer sausage in a larger size.  This 4 pound slicer summer sausage  is perfect for sandwich meat and platters.  There are three options available, All Beef, Plain (beef & Pork), and Garlic...

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  • Award winning Jim's Blue Ribbon Garlic 28 oz.

    Jim's Blue Ribbon Garlic Summer Sausage 28 oz.

    You haven't lived until you've eaten the "Best Summer Sausage in the World".  We have the ribbon to prove it.  Jim's summer sausage was awarded the grand champion trophy at the international meat product competition in Ghent, Belgium.  A...

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    Silver Creek Turkey Summer Sausage

    Silver Creek 14oz Turkey Summer Sausage

    Looking for a leaner summer sausage? Try the 14oz turkey summer sausage for a leaner option on your party platter. Same great smokehouse taste, summer sausage tang and savory seasoning. No MSG  - Real hardwood Smoke - Gluten Free

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  • Silver Creek 24oz Garlic Beef Summer Sausage

    Made with 100% beef Silver Creek Specialty Meat's 24oz Garlic Summer Sausage is one of our most popular summers, with no MSG or trans fat  it's perfect for cheese platters and party events.  Are you a garlic lover?  Then this is a summer...

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  • Water Buffalo 8 oz Ends & Pieces

    Water Buffalo 8 oz. Ends & Pieces  Our ends & pieces are identical in every way to our regular snack sticks other then their size.  When our full sized snack sticks are cut to length a certain amount of product is left that is to small...

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  • The perfect sampler for any hunter or someone looking for some variety!  Try our Wild Game Sampler which includes 1 -8 oz. of each variety: Water Buffalo, Elk, and Venison summer sausages

    Wild Game Summer Sausage Sampler

    A gift any hunter would enjoy.  Three 8oz wild game summer sausages make a perfect assortment that is sure to please in The Wild Game Sampler gift box.  Elk, Venison, and Water Buffalo combine with spices and real hardwood smoke to create these...

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