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Silver Creek Specialty Meats

  • Real Cheddar Cheese and Beer make the perfect pairing

    Beer & Cheese Summer Sausage

    A true Wisconsin pairing of beer and cheddar cheese come together in this specialty summer sausage.  Enjoy the same great quality of our real hardwood smoked summer sausage with a unique twist...

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  • Real pieces of dried Cranberries and Cherries for a perfect bite of sweetness

    Cranberry & Cherry Summer Sausage

    This is another true Wisconsin pairing, Cranberries and Cherries come together to mix in a perfect amount of sweetness to our classic summer sausage.  Bite into big pieces of dried berries and...

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  • Our Hukki Summer Sausage, an excellent blend of  Beef, pork, and cold smoke.

    Hukki Summer Sausage

    This a unique twist on one of our classic summer sausages.  A specialty casing lends the Hukki shape - when you slice this summer you will see its shape reflected in a flower pattern that just...

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  • Enjoy the sass of jalapeno and mellow of WI Cheddar!

    Jalapeno and Cheddar Landjaeger

    Enjoy this traditional snacking sausage loaded with real Wisconsin cheddar Cheese and Jalapenos.  Landjaegers are fully cooked and ready to eat right out of the package.  They are protein...

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  • Firm, meaty texture linked for fun.  Add your favorite salty snack and you have a winning combo.

    Original Landjaeger

    Enjoy this traditional snacking sausage crafted with beef, pork, and savory seasoning.  These snacks are fully cooked and ready to eat right out of the package.  They are  protein...

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    8oz Elk Summer Sausage

    Silver Creek 8oz Elk Summer Sausage

    Looking to add a little something unique to your next sausage platter?  Try one of our unique and delicious wild game sausages.  Elk summer sausage with beef & pork and a great tasting...

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    Now: $5.50
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