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What happened in 1989?

What happened in 1989?

Posted by Karla Powell on 13th Aug 2020

Take a walk with me down memory lane. What do you remember about 1989? The World Wide Web was invented (1), the Wall came down (1) , Little Mermaid wanted to be part of our world (2), and Silver Creek Specialty Meats was born (3). We specialize in the art of crafting specialty summer sausage.

We have been crafting specialty summer sausages for over 30 years. Silver Creek Specialty Meats started out by “Setting a New Standard for Old Fashioned Quality” and we continue with that practice. Since Silver Creek is a meat manufacturer, I thought it would be fun to chat with you about our products and different ways to prepare & enjoy them.

You will learn pretty quickly that I like to cook and prepare good food in quick, simple & tasty ways. However, I’m not a fancy cook and I’m not going to have you search high and low for ingredients. Life is busy enough and I don’t want to waste your time on the “hunt.” So are you ready for some practical ideas? Well, let’s get to it.

One of the things I love about and can always count on is the quality of our products. Our founder, Bill Kramlich Sr. wouldn’t stand for less than our best. So for me, that takes the mystery out of my selections. You won’t find “fillers” or the “cheap” stuff in our sausages. Quality meats and spices - that’s the name of the game for us.

So, with that being said, let’s start with a basic “food group” in the American diet: Pizza.

Let’s be real, how many are in your freezer right now? Maybe it’s on the menu for dinner tonight. Awesome - I LOVE pizza! Now I know pizza isn’t a “food group,” but to me it should be. What I love even more about pizza is that it’s so versatile and easy to make. Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.

“Crusts” are not created equal. When was the last time you sliced a loaf of French bread and used that as a crust? How about the pack of English muffins in the fridge? Another great option. Now if you are short on time, don’t worry, there are lots of ready-made crusts available in the store. You can also make your own crust easy enough with a little flour, water, and oil. The other night I used flat bread for my crust. It was super easy and just enough for my husband and myself.

On to the sauce - maybe you like traditional red pizza sauce. Again, easy enough - open a jar and spoon it on. I went a different route with mine. There was a jar of garlic Alfredo sauce in the fridge, so I thought, “Why not?” A few tablespoons later and I was ready for the cheese.

Ok, full disclosure - I’m a complete WI girl. Cheese IS a food group. 

I love almost all of them (Limburger is NEVER going to show up in my future conversations or suggestions).

Back to my pizza. As I was rummaging in the fridge, there was a bag of cheese curds literally calling my name. They were saying, “Karla, PICK ME, PICK ME!” So I did.

Do you like veggies? I sure do and there was a red onion on the counter and sweet red peppers in the crisper. Thin slices of these found their way on my creation.

Now pizza isn’t complete in my house without meat. Are you surprised?? I’ll bet you can guess where I got the sausage for this pizza and you would be right - Silver Creek Beef Summer Sausage.

Our sausage is a semi-dry sausage. Not soft like a bologna and not hard like a pepperoni or salami. It’s just right. Thin slices of our all beef summer sausage were fanned out on this masterpiece. With a couple of final touches like a sprinkle of crushed red peppers, oregano, and basil…

Man, I’m getting hungry all over again… Okay, I’m back

So, in the oven she went and 10 mins later, dinner was served. The curds melted, the sausage crisped up and the flavors all came together. 

This meal got a “thumbs up” from my husband. Now, truth be told, he is pretty easy to please in the kitchen, but this truly was something tasty and it will make another appearance on our table in the future.

Well, there you have it. Not fancy, but quick, simple & tasty.

So if you haven’t tried our beef summer sausage (4), now’s your chance. It’s available online in 3 different sizes: 8 oz, 12 oz, or 24 oz. Experience the ease of having it arrive at your door with online shopping.

Thanks so much for spending time with me. I can’t wait to see what you are making. Please share your ideas and pics with me. I look forward to chatting with you next time and sharing a few more ideas to enhance your love of food.

Until next time,



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