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Summer Sausage - Not Just for Crackers

Summer Sausage - Not Just for Crackers

Posted by Karla Powell on 10th Nov 2020

Hi there, good to see you again! I woke up this morning and thoughts of sausage went through my mind. Since I work for a meat company, you may think those are normal thoughts, however, these thoughts were about breakfast and having some sausage.

It’s pretty normal to have eggs and sausage for breakfast, but have you ever put our summer sausage to the test? There’s nothing like Silver Creek Summer Sausage and eggs with some nicely buttered toast and fried potatoes. With so many varieties, the options are limited only to your imagination and today I’ll share some of my thoughts with you.

Let’s start with turkey summer sausage (1). Wild game and Gottenburg ideas will follow. Have you tried the Silver Creek Turkey Summer Sausage yet? If not, there’s no time like the present.  This sausage is simply unique in that it’s just turkey, some great seasonings, and hardwood smoke. It’s incredibly lean and because it’s so lean, there isn’t going to be a big greasy mess in your pan. Great flavor, firm texture, and a low carb delight.

How do you like your eggs? My family likes it when the yolk is soft and runny. Not ME - I need my eggs to be as dry as a bone. It’s a texture thing and I tend to get odd looks in a restaurant from those who aren’t used to me, but my request to the server is that they be fried hard with nothing wiggling. I spent plenty of time cooking in restaurants and have cooked at home for more years than I’m going to share, so I do know how to make eggs in all different ways, I’m just quirky about how I like mine served. Sorry, I got on an egg crate there…

Back to turkey sausage and eggs. The great thing about using summer sausage is that it’s fully cooked, so prep time is minimal and you get to decide how thick of slices you want for your meal. When your eggs are just about the way  you want them, slide a few slices of turkey sausage in the pan to warm. Oh, the smell of sausage sizzling - YUM! Serve this with some toast or an English muffin. Quick, easy, and tasty.

Our customers seem to think so too, “This turkey summer sausage is delicious in a sandwich or with cheese and crackers or fried with eggs!” L&J

I’m an old farm girl who grew up with fried potatoes at breakfast. Crispy potatoes with onion, salt, and pepper. There is nothing better than homemade fried potatoes. We would use the leftover cooked potatoes from dinner the night before and fry them up for breakfast the next day.  How about you? Now, slice some venison summer sausage (2) and fry that in the pan. Enjoy this with some scrambled eggs along with those crispy potatoes and your day will be off to a great start.

Tummy full and a day of adventure to enjoy! If you enjoy wild game, give the Silver Creek Elk or Buffalo summer sausage a try (3). A hunter’s delight for sure. Can’t you just see your grandpa or uncle sitting in their hunting shack enjoying this breakfast?

There’s another great way to enjoy slices of summer sausage with eggs on the go, make a quick breakfast sandwich with an English muffin or slices of toast. Nestle your favorite summer sausage, fried eggs, and a slice of cheese between the crispy, buttered bread and eat on the run.

Another consideration for you would be our Gottenburg sausage (4). This comes from our Fred Busch line and is a Swedish tradition. It’s a blend of beef, pork, and spices that are available in both a natural casing or an artificial casing. Truly an old world sausage that is semi-dry and smoked with real hardwood. Enjoy this sliced and served on the side or cubed and blending into an egg bake.

Gottenburg sausage like our turkey and wild game summer sausages are all gluten free. We do not use MSG in anything we make and all are low in carbs. So many great reasons to try, but once you taste them, you will have no doubts about making this choice.

Something I like to do is cook ahead and freeze when I can. This makes life so much easier in our house when the mornings seem so short...Egg bites are quick to make and fun to eat. Great for breakfast, but amazing for a quick snack or afternoon pick-me-up.

Crack some eggs into a bowl, stir in some milk, salt, pepper & veggies like broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus, onions, and even some garlic. To complete this creation, mix in diced up summer sausage. Any kind will work: turkey, elk, venison, buffalo, all beef, Gottenburg, or Luxemburg sausages too. The spices from the meat soak into and flavor the egg mixture. Scoop into prepared muffin pans filling them about ⅔ the way full. Add a sprinkle of cheese and bake at 350 until firm and bubbly.

Now you have individual bites to enjoy. Eat now or freeze and warm later. If you prefer, you can pour the mixture into a prepared baking dish and make an egg casserole too.

So there you have it, a few ideas for summer sausage that don’t require crackers to enjoy.  Hope you find a new favorite! Be sure to send me a picture of your creation, I would love to see what you made and hear your feedback. Until next time…

Enjoy the day,


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