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Reubens Silver Creek Style

Reubens Silver Creek Style

Posted by Karla Powell on 17th May 2021

Yields 1 serving


2 slices marble rye bread

3 slices sandwich sized summer sausage*

2 slices Swiss cheese

½ cup sauerkraut, patted dry

2-4 Tbsp Thousand Island Dressing  (I like mine with extra dressing)

Softened butter


Warm fry pan or griddle for toasting sandwich

Butter one side of each slice of marble rye bread

Place the buttered side down in a heated pan

Place summer sausage on one piece of bread and spread half of the dressing on top

Lay Swiss cheese on top of the dressing

Spread the remaining Thousand Island dressing on the other piece of bread

Top with sauerkraut

Toast bread until golden. Turn the heat down a bit.

Invert the cheese topped slice onto the sauerkraut topped slice so they finish warming and melting together.

Slice and serve.

*Jim’s Blue Ribbon Slicer (plain or garlic)  (nutrition info located in photo section)

* Busch Beef Summer Sausage Slicer  (nutrition info located in photo section)

* Busch Thuringer Summer Sausage  (nutrition info located in photo section)

As a self-proclaimed "dump and pour" cook, this information is approximate. Modifications made based on my family's preferences.

I'm not a trained culinary specialist, just someone with over 40 years of home cooking experience.

Please feel free to make changes to this recipe to fit your dietary needs.