Monkey Bread Bake

Monkey Bread Bake

Posted by Karla Powell on 15th Oct 2021

Serves 12


8 oz Silver Creek Beef Summer Sausage*

3 cans of “large” refrigerated biscuits

16 oz pizza or marinara sauce

1 cup shredded cheese

4 Tbsp oil


Preheat oven to 400

Spray 11 x 9 foil pan with cooking spray

Slice summer sausage into thin slices and quarter them

Cut biscuits into quarters

Pour oil in large Ziploc bag

Add biscuits, zip closed, and coat with oil

Place 1 cup sized glass bowl inverted in the center of the foil pan (this will serve as a sauce dish later)

Arrange half of the biscuit pieces in the foil pain around the glass bowl

Spread 1 cup of the sauce on top of the biscuits covering them completely

Layer the summer sausage pieces on top of the sauce and sprinkle with cheese

Arrange the remaining biscuits on top & bake at 400 for 60 mins or until golden & firm, not doughy

Remove from the oven and place a large wooden cutting board or serving plate over the top of the pan. Be sure that it covers the pan completely. Carefully turn the pan over and remove. Glass bowl will be very hot, so take care not to touch it.

Warm the remaining sauce and fill the bowl. Serve and enjoy.

*I used beef summer sausage however, elk, venison, buffalo would work well too.

Silver Creek Beef Summer Sausage  (nutrition info located in photo section)

As a self-proclaimed "dump and pour" cook, this information is approximate.  Modifications made based on my family's preferences.

I'm not a trained culinary specialist, just someone with over 40 years of home cooking experience.

Please feel free to make changes to this recipe to fit your dietary needs.