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Venison Info



Dear Venison Customers,

      Silver Creek Specialty Meats would like to inform you that unfortunately we will no longer be accepting any venison for processing.

As you are probably aware chronic wasting disease in the wild deer population of the State of Wisconsin has been steadily spreading.  The disease has now been found in wild deer in 19 counties throughout the state.  Due to the spread of the disease it has become extremely difficult to screen out any venison coming from CWD infected areas.

Consumer safety is our number one concern and no matter how small the risk (if any) of humans being infected by this disease we are not and never will be willing to put profit before the safety and well being of our customers.  Both state and federal health officials advise against consuming venison from infected deer.  Due to the batch processing that we use to produce venison products we cannot be assured beyond absolute certainty that CWD contaminated venison would not be able to mix with non contaminated venison.  Therefore we will no longer be accepting or processing venison.

 We thank you for your business over these many years and hope you will continue to enjoy the quality products produced at Silver Creek and sold at many of the local stores.  



Management at Silver Creek Specialty